R2868 Hamamatsu UVTRON Flame Sensor


Hamamatsu R2868 is a UVTRON ultraviolet ON/OFF detector that makes use of the photoelectric effect of metal and the gas multiplication effect. It has a narrow spectral sensitivity of 185 nm to 260 nm, being completely insensitive to visible light. Unlike
semiconductor detectors, it dose not require optical visible-cut filters, thus making it easy to use.
In spite of its small size, the R2868 has wide angular sensitivity(directivity) and can reliably and quickly detect weak ultraviolet radiations emitted from flame due to use of the metal plate cathode (eg. it can detect the flame of a cigarette lighter at a distance of more than 5 m.).
The R2868 is well suited for use in flame detectors and fire alarms, and also in detection of invisible discharge phenomena such as corona discharge of high-voltage transmission lines.
Datasheets: R2868 Datasheet

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