R2868 Flame Sensor Driver Board


Schematics and PCB Layout will be provided along with Shipping or Soft copy may be requested. The main purpose of this driver board is to provide DC 325V operating voltage to the Hamamatsu Flame Sensor. It requires, 3.6V~10V DC Input for operation, output pulses direct from the Sensor is wired onto Header pin, which can be directly interface with MCU. Inverted output pulse is also available by soldering the Schmitt Trigger IC (Optional not included in the sale). The Flame sensor will go into Power Safe Mode when the PB1 button is depressed. In the Power Safe Mode, the Power to the R2868 Sensor will be turn on and off automatically by changing the value of resistor Rx and Ry.


Datasheets: R2868 Flame Sensor Driver Board

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