2SK82 & 2SJ28 Sony VFET

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1 Pair of Sony’s VFET P/N: 2SK82 (KE-33) & 2SJ28 (KF-33) from Sony. This part is used only in Sony TA-N88 VFET Power Amplifier. Please note these are randomly selected VFET and not a match pair as we do not have the technical capabilities to match these VFETs. And these VFETs are not used as a replacement for 2SK60 and 2SJ18 VFET directly. These VFETs can be used for Sony TA-N88 VFET Power Amplifier.

These are the same VFET used in Mr Nelson Pass Sony VFET DIY Project.

Nelson Pass Sony VFET Kit

Nelson Pass Sony VFET DIY Article

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