Sigma Sport BC-1200 RDS Wireless Speedometer


Sigma Sport Wireless Bike Computer TopLine Series Model BC-1200 with RDS,  trendy gray color rugged design from Germany. This models is equipped with 12 functions that is sufficient for basic training purposes. The Computer is small and compact with a large and clear LCD readout  measuring 10.8mm for Speed readout. The functions are listed as follows.

 Functions  Package Content
 Current Speed
 1 Sigma Sport cycle computer Model BC-1200
 3 rubber band 2 (different size) for mounting receiver onto handlebar, 1 for mounting the sensor
 Stop Watch
 1 Mounting Kit with Receiver
 Trip Distance
 1 sensor with transmitter and magnets (Sensor distance: max 5cm away from magnet)
 2 Wheel Sizes Programmable
 1 mounting instruction manual in various languages and 1 operation manual
 Summation of odometer (Wheel 1 + 2)
 3 3V Lithium, Type CR2032 batteries for Receiver, Computer and Transmitter
 Trip Riding Time
 Maximum Speed
 Permanent Comparison of actual and average speed
 Settable trip segment
 Full text in English, F, I, E, NL, S and D


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