R2868 Hamamatsu UVtron Flame Detector Sensor Driver Board


This is an In-House Developed driver board for Hamamatsu Flame Sensor fP/N: R2868 . It provides the necessary driving voltage (DC 325V) for R2868 with Input ranging from DC 3.6V to 12V. Unlike the C3704 Driving and Signal Processing Board from Hamamatsu, the Signal Processing circuit is not included in this driver board. We have designed a separated signal processing board specially for its purposes. The direct output from the R2868 has been pulled to a header pin, whereby it can be easily interface to an MCU for further processing.  Inverter output pulse can be also acheived by just soldering additional Schmitt Trigger IC which is not mounted on default. The board can be configured to work in power safe mode just by depressing the power saving push button, whereby the ON and OFF Power to R2868 is configured using two resistor, Rx & Ry. Alternatively, if power saving is not critical, the R2868 can be configured to operate in "Always ON" mode by setting the power saving push button to OFF Mode.  This  board allows the R2868 to be mounted Horizontally or Vertically depending on User's application. To mount R2868 Horizontally, just blend the legs of R2868 and slolder onto U4. If Vertical Mount is preferred, soldered it onto U1. R2868  Schematics diagram will be provided in digital format upon purchases. This board can easily be integrated into robotics project for flame detection.


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