KD0504PKB2 Cooling Fan, Used in Netgear Hub Model: DS516

SUNON Brushless DC Fan Model: KD0504PKB2, compatible for Netgear Hub Model: DS516

Please take note, the pinout for this FAN might be swapped for certain Netgear Hub model, e.g. Netgear FS524S, please check the against the old fan before replacing the FAN

Manufacturer P/N KD0504PKB2
Supported Model Netgear Hub Model: DS516, FS524S (Pins must be swapped)
Condition Brand NEW
Operating Voltage 5V DC
Operating Current 0.21A
Physical Dimension 40mm x 40mm x 20mm (LxWxH)
Weight 29 grams
Remarks 3 connecting cables (Red, Black), 2 connector Pin 2.54mm Pitch Socket


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