High Performance GPS Receiver Module, P/N: JGR-SC3-M (Jnavi) SiRFstarTMIII, ROHS Compliant GPS Module from Korea. Please check the specifications below and datasheet link. We also provide full evaluation kit for sale, do contact us if you are interested.

Operating Voltage: 3V Typical
Full self-contained GPS receiver
Fully shielded design
Full implementation of SiRFstarTMIII GPS architecture
GSC3F/LP(High Performance GPS Single Chip)
GPS DSP with integrated real time clock(RTC) ARM7TDMI CPU
4Mbit FLASH memory
Low noise amplifier
SAW filter
GPS receiver in a micro-component package
Postage stamp type package
Fully automatic assembly : Reflow solderable
No RF connector
Size : 25.4mm X 25.4mm X 3.4mm
Weight : 3.5 grams

Receiving Unit Specifications

Receiver type : L1 frequency, C/A Code, 20-channel
Max up-date rate : 1 sec
Accuracy (SA off) : Position < 10m="" 3d="">
3D Tracking Sensitivity : -155dBm at the receiver input(typical)
Operational Limits : Altitude < 18,000m="">
Velocity < 515m/s="">
Time To First Fix (TTFF)
Cold Start 60sec (typical)
WarmStart 40sec (typical)
Hot Start < 1sec="">
Re-acquisition time 3sec typical (within 60sec GPS signal obstruction)
Protocols- Default : WGS84 NMEA 0183 9600bps
Activated message : GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC all with checksum enabled

JGR-SC3-M Datasheets


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