FAULHABER Spur Gearheads 1524E006S123 6V Brushless DC Motor 485:1 ratio

This is a DC-Micromotor from FAULHABER, P/N: 1524E006S123. This motor operates at 6V DC, its a combo with gearhead attached (gearhead model: 15/5S with 485:1 gearhead ratio). The motor measures 15mm diameter with full body lenght of 58mm with gearhead attached. This part has been kept in our warehouse for some time, its a new old stock.

Motor Datasheet: http://circuitdiy.org/Datasheets/SKU526-1.pdf
Motor gearhead: http://circuitdiy.org/Datasheets/SKU526-2.pdf
Technical Specifications: http://circuitdiy.org/Datasheets/SKU526-4.pdf


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