Elna ACH7018-A 8200uF 71V LP Series Electrolyte Capacitors


Elna 8200uF 71V Electrolyte Snap-Mount Capacitors service part for Pioneer VSX05, VSX21, VSX456, VSX-D307, VSX-D308, VSX-D407, VSX-D458, VSX-D458HT, VSX-D466S, VSX-D498, VSX-D506S, VSX-D508, VSX-D606S, VSX-D608 A/V System. Elna LP Series capacitors, P/N: LP-71V822MS46. Pioneer part number: ACH7018-A.


  • Package Size: 30 x 45 (mm, diameter x height)
  • Operating hours: 2000hours @ +85° C
  • Operating Temperature: -25° C to +85° C
  • Leaded, Non-Rohs



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