Avago RGB SMD LED High Brightness Tricolor PLCC6 P/N: ASMT-YTB2-0BB02

This is a Tri-Color LED with black surface on PLCC6 SMD Package from Avago, P/N: ASMT-YTB2-0BB02. The LED has a separate heat path for each LED dice, enabling the LED to be driven at higher current. Its designed to operate in wide range of enviromental conditions, with the black top surface, it provides better contrast enhancement for your application at a wide viewing angle at 120° with the built in reflector pushing up the intensity of the light output. This LED is ideal for exterior and interior full color signs application thankfully to its black top surface coating.


  • Industry Standard PLCC-6 package (Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier) with individual addressable pin-out for higher flexibility of driving configuration
  • High reliability LED package with silicone encapsulation
  • High brightness using AlInGaP and InGaN dice technologies
  • Wide viewing angle at 120°
  • Compatible with reflow soldering process
  • JEDEC MSL 2a
  • Water-Resistance (IPX6*) per IEC 60529:2001


ASMT-YTB2-0BB02 Datasheets


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