3M Textool Power In Line TO-3P TO-66 P/N: 203-2737-55-1102


3M Textool Power In Line TO-3P TO-66 Test and Burn-in Sockets. This socket accepts wide variety of in-line devices up to 3 leads including TO-3 and TO-66. Its designed so as the body and contacts are replaceable. Slotted out 2 entry ports accept devices with 0.075" (1.90mm) to 0.200" (5.1mm) between leads. This device must be mounted to board with screws. 3M Part Number: 203-2737-55-1102.

  • Insulation
    • Material: Glass Filled Polyphenylene-Sulfide
    • Flammability: UL 94V-0
    • Color: Black
  • Contact
    • Material: Beryllium Copper
    • Plating: 30 u" (0.76 um) Gold over 50 u" (1.3 um) Nickel

  • Current Rating: 1 Amp
  • Operating Temperature: -55° C to +150° C
  • Insulation Resistance: >1 x 1012Ω at 500 Vdc
  • Withstanding Voltage: 1000 Vrms at Sea Level
  • Leaded, Non-Rohs


Power In Line Datasheet
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